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Silage Packaging Film

Silage film is used to conserve and store crop nutrients and to minimize losses from harvesting until feeding by stretch wrapping around baled silage, maintaining an airtight environment to preserve the crop's value.

Silage film preserves the nutritional value of silage, feed mixes, hay, and maize. Farmers can take advantage of storage options other than relying on fresh feed by using a silage film to preserve feed mixtures for long periods.

Silage films are mainly used to preserve silage, hay and corn. They maintain the nutritional value of the contents and prevent undesirable fermentation processes. Polyethylene films resist atmospheric agents and guarantee protection during outdoor exposure. Polyethylene film and stretch film are used for silo packaging. With its extraordinary elasticity, stretch film is the best solution for long-term storage of all types of fodder. Stretch protects the grass entirely and prevents oxygen from leaving it.

Plastic fodder stretch film is made of polyethylene material and is the best choice for long-term animal feed storage. The type of nylon is stretch film, which reduces your long-term costs and preserves products better with excellent elasticity.

Special MV LLDPE Material

5 Layer Technology

Excellent cling, High UV protection

Puncture and tear resistance

Available Sizes





Upto 2,200mm as per customer's specifications

Available Colours